Environmental Living in Cambridgeshire

Meet the members: some personal profiles.

Liz Hi--I am Liz,
a mother of 3 grown-up children, divorced, shortly to retire from my nursing and counselling career. I love light, laughter and music, my cats and all natural things-especially countryside life and happenings. Travel, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures is an enjoyable and stimulating part of my life too.

I have lived with groups of friends (and my family) in loose communities for most of my life and to be a member of an intentional Cohousing group with it's own ethos and values will continue that pattern of friendship and meaningful co-operative living.
Brighid Brighid:
I am 73 years young, and retired from being a financial administrator in a very ethical co-operative firm that designed and made scientific instruments for agriculture in the third world.  Originally a Maths graduate who became a pioneer computer programmer in 1951, I now have a reluctance to get involved with today’s technology.  I have always had a pioneering spirit, and have often dreamed of living in a community, preferably an eco-village.  I have many other interests, including storytelling, theatre, circle dancing,  bridge, crosswords, painting, Chi Kung, healing and all forms of complimentary medicine.   I have two children and two grandchildren.  I separated from my husband more than 25 years ago, have lived alone ever since, and am now a widow growing old disgracefully!
Gemma Gemma: 
I’m very, very mature, and divorced, with three grown-up children. I work as a freelance editor and proofreader, and am also a qualified EFL teacher.  I do my best to play a viola and an English concertina, and am learning to tap-dance.  English traditional music and dance, and the welfare of  the countryside, are important to me.  I’m not a ‘community’ person, but would value independence within a framework of mutual support and awareness.
Robert Robert:
I am a research engineer specialising in electrochemistry (fuel cells and similar environment friendly technologies). Cohousing attracts me because it seems to offer all the advantages of community living without the disadvantages such as living in each others pockets. The most active members of Enlinca are committed to minimizing their impact on the earth and hold similar open minded spiritual values which encourages me to keep up the work of being secretary and web master. My personal website is at www.copcutt.me.uk/
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