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Some links of interest to Enlinca members.

UK Cohousing network  was created to promote Cohousing in the UK.

Hockerton housing project has been the a big inspiration for Enlinca and we thank them for their help.

Diggers and Dreamers is an organization promoting a broad range of community living including Cohousing.

Enlinca is a member of The European Ecovillage Network www.gen-europe.org/

The Cohousing Association of the United States
has a large website containing a great deal of information and many interesting articles.

The Canadian Cohousing Network has another very informative website.

Alan Heeks has been a leading light in the UK Cohousing movement and his projects include www.thenaturaladvantage.com/mainuk.html and www.hazelhill.org.uk/.

Cohousing Bristol is an organisation similar to Enlinca.

Cohousing Company is the first new build Cohousing community in the UK and is in Stroud.

Oxford Environment Centre is a company with similar aims to ours.

ZEDfactory  is about Zero Emissions Development (ZEDs),  the first example being BedZED. We seriously considered getting involved with a potential new ZED near the Ashwell and Morden train station but it was not quite right for us; and planning permission was never obtained.

Rainbow network is a useful link for spiritual related events in and around Cambridge.

www.gwydir.demon.co.uk/cambridgeuk is a comprehensive list of Cambridge web sites.

www.cambridgeonline.co.uk/ is similar but more commercially oriented.

www.cambridgeshireonly.co.uk/ is a site devoted to Cambridgeshire business and hobby links.

Visit www.livingroofs.org/ to learn about the many advantages of a green roof (or wall).

www.pcdf.org/meadows/cohousing.htm has a good (US) definition of what Cohousing is. By their definition, Enlinca is more eco-village.

Amadea was a UK-wide Cohousing group for retired people and was the organisation that provided the seed inspiration for Enlinca.  We were an affiliated member organization, but it decided to become dormant and no longer has a web site.