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To make it easy for members to contact each other several Email distribution lists have been set up.

The ALL mailing list

The first list is open to everyone and you are welcome to join in order to be kept up-to-date with the activities of Enlinca. By joining this list you become a guest member. The "All" list is controlled to ensure that it is not abused by members or spammers. If you would like to become a new guest member of Enlinca please go to http://enlinca.org.uk/mailman/listinfo/all_enlinca.org.uk and follow the instructions. Once you have joined you will receive an Email that will also tell you how to enter the members only pages of this web site. Members can easily contact every other member by sending an Email to all at enlinca.org.uk, but please be careful doing this because over 150 people will receive it.

Existing members can also go to http://enlinca.org.uk/mailman/listinfo/all_enlinca.org.uk to modify their account settings or unsubscribe. Please report any problems to me . In an emergency you might try phoning me on (44) 1223 740326.

The K1 mailing list

If you are specifically interested in the K1 site in Orchard Park please go to groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/cambridge-k1 to sign up to the dedicated mailing list.

Core mailing list

The next list is for full members. To become a full member you need to come to at least one Enlinca meeting.

Tip for handling mailing lists

If you would like to separate the Emails that you receive addressed to all@enlinca (or core@......) into their own folder then you can set it up quite simply in most Email readers. In Outlook Express, first right click on your Inbox tab in the window headed folders. Select 'New Folder' and type in a folder name (eg. "Enlinca"). Next select 'Tools/Message rules/Mail...' and follow the instructions. Start by ticking the box for subject contains specific words because all messages sent to all@enlinca will have [All] at the beginning of the subject line. The procedure if you use Netscape is very similar. Once you have created a suitable folder go to 'Tools/message filters/New' and follow the instructions.

Page last updated 19/12/2012.